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Yonatan Bendett


Curriculum Vitae


  • 2021-Present       M.Sc. in Theoretical and Mathematical Biology at the Department of Molecular Biology and Ecology of Plants at the Faculty of Life Sciences at Tel-Aviv University in Israel. Title:  Social interactions under stress: genes, microbes, and possible conflicts. Advisor: Prof. Lilach Hadany. 

  • 2017-2022       B.Sc. in Biology (summa cum laude) and Physics at Tel-Aviv University in Israel. Student in the "Adi Lautman Outstanding Student Program".

Awards and Honours:

  • Dean's certificate of excellence, Life-Science faculty, Tel-Aviv University (2018).

  • Excellence in teaching award from the Life-Science faculty, Tel-Aviv University (2022).



  • Lavy, O., Lewin-Epstein, O., Bendett, Y., Gophna, U., Gefen, E., Hadany, L., Ayali, A.,2022.  Microbiome-related aspects of locust density-dependent phase transition. Environmental Microbiology. [HTML]


  • Poster presentation at the 3rd Israeli Conference for Conservation Science (ICCS) in Tel-Aviv, Israel, 2022. Title: "Microbiome-related aspects of locust density-dependent phase transition".


  • TA in Population Genetics and the Evolutionary Theory course. Life Sciences faculty, (TAU 2022).

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