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Lab members

PhD student

The role of microbes in social behavior of ants

PhD student

Plant-plant communication

Kfir Saban

MSc student

Eylon Tamir

MSc student

Evolutionary advantages of male-biased mutation

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PhD student

Evolution of cooperation and host-microbiome co-evolution

Yael Gurevich

PhD student

Evolutionary models of nongenetic inheritance

Yuval Shapira

MSc student

Iddo Hochbaum

MSc student

Plasticity in mutation rates

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Past lab members

Marine Veits

Research associate, MSc​

Plant-pollinator communication

PhD graduate

Evolution of the mutation rate, evolution of the recombination rate, fitness landscapes

Ilia Raysin

MSc graduate

Gene orientation dynamics

Eran Even-Tov

MSc graduate

Michael A. Fishman

Research associate, PhD 

Emergent properties of biological systems and evolutionary processes

Oren Rabinowitz

MSc graduate (joint supervision with Prof. Nir Ohad)

Ecological physiology of Lamium amplexicaule

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PhD graduate

Spread of drug resistance among human and plant pathogens

Ranit Aharonov


Ariel Gueijman

PhD graduate

Evolution of genetic mixing strategies: Outcrossing, Dispersal

Merav Lebel

MSc graduate (joint supervision with Dr. Yuval Sapir)

Pollinator behavior and floral traits evolution in L. pubescens

Eynat Dellus-Gur


The effects of stress sensing and regulation on the plasticity of variation

Mor Binder

MSc graduate (joint supervision with Prof. Nir Ohad)

Epigenetic effects of stress on plants

Raz Sharon

MSc graduate (joint supervision with Prof. Yoel Shkolnisky)

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